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About ME

Kia Ora (Hello) to all.

First a few things about me.

Disclaimer: I am Not a financial consultant or have taken any tertiary courses in finance or business (yet).

I am as at March 2018, a 33 year old registered nurse living in NZ who is writing this blog partially to document my journey to financial freedom by the age of 40 and partially because I found only a few helpful blogs over the years on early retirement by kiwis for kiwis and even less in my age group.

So I hope in writing this blog, I can inspire others to seek financial freedom, especially other women.


I was born on a farm in Fiji and brought up by my grandfather who was my first teacher and the sole reason I made it this far in life. On the farm, I learnt maths, accounting, hard work and my first rules in finance. Therefore, you will see quite a few references to those times in my articles.

Later at age 19, I travelled to NZ to study nursing for four years which were the toughest years in my life. I was doing a fulltime study, one full time job and sometimes two to make ends meet. I go in more detail about these 4 years, tips on surviving on a student budget and graduating with no student loan in a later post.

I saved up my first year’s pay to put a deposit on my first house and later into bonds, shares, etc all on a modest nurse’s pay. Along the way I made some mistakes and wish I knew now what I knew then.

Why age 40?

Simply to be able to enjoy life earlier while I still can. Honestly, I am such a workaholic that I don’t think I will completely retire at 40 and because I do enjoy nursing, I may still do it casually or part-time. So you can say this is more a semi-retirement blog.

After crunching the numbers, inspired by some other blogs, I calculated age 40 would be it. And personally, I don’t think I can last longer than that doing fulltime work.

Is IT Possible?

That’s why I started this blog to document my journey faithfully and see if it is. I started with cutting my costs, increasing my income and my savings and investing prudently.